Class Supplies

Language Arts Supplies:
1” 3 ring binder
Single subject, college ruled spiral notebook
Composition book
3 prong Pocket folder
Pack of post-it notes

General Supplies
Headphones or Earbuds 
olored pencils
Pencil pouch or pencil box to hold supplies
lue sticks, to be replenished as needed
Metric/Standard ruler 
2 packages of loose leaf college ruled notebook paper, to be replenished as needed
PENCILS: a supply of 10-20 pencils with erasers. Parents please check with your child and send pencils to school every 2-3 weeks. Your child cannot be successful without pencils in class DAILY! No sharpies. If these are needed for an assignment, the teacher will provide them

Classroom comfort supplies:
Please donate these items if you are able and give them to your homeroom teacher so that we may all have a comfortable school year. 

2 boxes of facial tissue
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
2 rolls of paper towels
Quart or Gallon zip-lock style bags
Paper plates