Date:  9-1-2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well. As you are aware we at Pine Strawberry Elementary School have been working hard to reopen the school for this school year.  Since beginning our support services and online option we have been monitoring the Gila County Health Department benchmark statues very closely.

I am pleased to inform you that as of this week we have been in the green (go) status for two consecutive weeks. What this means is that we can officially open our doors for regular school instruction. Therefore, beginning Tuesday September 8, 2020 we will open with a few additional criteria's:

·       All students in person students should return their chrome books

·       Online students should contact Mr. Lambert for instruction

·       All students in grades K-8 will be released at 2:15 daily

·       All busses will continue their current routes

·       School meals will return to three choices

Once again parents are provided with two options for instruction, in person or online.

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.


Respectfully yours,

Kathlene Thomson, Superintendent



Pine Strawberry Elementary School District
Mitigation Plan - COVID19

The Pine Strawberry Elementary School District and Governing Board is committed to providing a positive learning environment while taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our school community. Beginning with the opening of the 2020-2021 school year, PSESD will be implementing mitigation strategies to keep students and educators safe and slow the spread of COVID19.
Screening Plan



Responsible Party

Temperature Check

-Each wing and the cafeteria shall have a paraprofessional assigned to check temperatures before students enter school. 

-Temperatures over 100 degrees will be checked using an alternative method. If the temperature is over 100 degrees parents will be called to pick up the child. 

-If the student has a high temp, the student will go to the nurse’s office for mask and parent notification. 

-Temperature will be checked again before lunch. 

-Students will be given a stamp on their hand to ensure that they have been temp checked. 

-Send to the office if a student has persistent dry cough and/or difficulty breathing. 

-Morning before entering the building - no earlier than 7:30AM

-Before lunch 

-Double check if at 100 ℉ or more. 

-Health Aide



-Classroom Teachers

Student Arrival

-No students will be allowed in the building prior to 7:30 am.

-Breakfast will begin at 7:30. 

-Students arriving and not eating breakfast will go directly to assigned wings for temperature check then to the classroom. 

-Teachers will be in classrooms by 7:30.

-Morning recess will be scheduled after the first bell.

-Tardy students report to the office prior to going to the classroom. 

-Bus drivers will call school if a child shows obvious symptoms of illness.

-Early morning drop off at 7:30 AM

-Recess scheduled daily in AM

-Tardy students to office 

-Health Aide



-Classroom Teachers

Staff Arrival

-Temperature checked prior to starting work. Can have temp done after 7:00 am.

-If sick staff to remain at home, notify office 

-AM staff arrival

-Health Aide


Educating Parents

-Host open meetings to discuss plans 

-Include information about keeping sick children home.

-No incentives for attendance 

-If student sent home due to temperature they may not return for 24 hours (Form sent home stating when child can return)

-To be scheduled in July 

-To be scheduled during open house



-Health Aide




Responsible Party

Seating Arrangement

-Assigned seat on the bus

-Staggered seating

-Families can sit together

-Leave front seat open for students that may show symptoms

-Supply masks on bus just in case

-Load bus back to front to help separate students

-AM and PM runs

-Bus Driver


-Health Aide

Bus Cleaning

-Drivers to spray bus with appropriate cleaner before and after each run

-Hand sanitizer provided for driver and students

-AM and PM runs

-Bus Driver

Misc. Items

-Encourage parents to transport own children

-Field trips on hold until further notice 

-Stagger early release times 

-No after school until further notice





Communal Spaces



Responsible Party


-Provide disposable utensils 

-Ensure hand sanitizer or washing before entering cafeteria and upon leaving

-Students to sit on one side of table with everyone facing the same direction

-Adults will sanitize between groups, (PT custodian)

-No salad bar (keep extra milk bin available)

-Students will not be allowed to share lunches

-Maintain three meal choices 

-Since no salad bar offer chef’s salad instead as 3rd choice 

-Clean between lunch waves


-Duty personnel

-Kitchen staff 


-Wash and sanitize hands before and after recess

-Playground equipment sprayed down between groups

-Teachers to create schedule to ensure 10 minute disinfecting time

-Look for alternative cleaners for equipment

-Recess in the classroom, library, or gym during bad weather

-Sanitize between groups

-Schedule on file at office




-All Staff


-Hourly checks for cleaning

-Group bathroom breaks 

-One class at a time to restroom

-Try to avoid sending individuals unless emergency

-Hourly checks

-Monitor students




-All Staff


-Walk on the right side of the hallway (stay in line)

-Keep hands off the walls

-No high fives or hugs 

-Each class to develop own non-contact greeting

-Walk outside instead of hallway when weather permits

-No lockers for Middle School



-All Staff

Classrooms / Specials 



Responsible Party


-Horseshoe set up when possible

-All students face same direction

-MS students to remain in homeroom, teachers to rotate

--(evaluate in two weeks)


Classroom Teachers


-Clean desks often with approved cleaner

-Custodial staff to deep clean each evening

-Use drinking cups instead of fountains

-Mask optional for staff and students


Classroom Teachers

Special Areas

-Technology will be in the regular classroom using Chromebooks

-Special Education and Reading classes will be cleaned between each group

-Library and art table will be sanitized between groups

-Create new master schedule

-Music will be alternated in the classroom

-Band will be scheduled (students assigned individual instruments)


Classroom Teachers


-Per CDC and state requirements all staff, students, visitors must wear a mask when in school buildings. 

-Masks should not be worn by:

----Anyone under the age of 2

----Anyone who has trouble breathing

---Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance

**The Superintendent may make exceptions to the requirement to wear a mask while keeping in mind the health and safety of everyone involved.


All Staff

PSESD Approved on 6/15/2020

Pine Strawberry Elementary School District #12

Fall 2020/2021 On-Site Learning Plan and Support Services


Executive Order Requirements

As required by Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-51, 2020-41 and 2020-44, the Pine Strawberry Elementary School District must offer free on-site learning opportunities and support services beginning no later than August 17, 2020. These services include student supervision and strategic support for students in need during regular school hours, which may include teacher-led or paraprofessional support for students with distance learning.

The District may adopt procedures to ensure that the number of students present for free on-site support services does not exceed the maximum number of students who can be present in a facility while maintaining appropriate physical distancing or other mitigation strategies. These procedures shall not limit the availability of, or result in a refusal to provide free on-site support services.

The District will notify parents of the opportunities and support services and directly contact students in the free or reduced priced lunch meal program, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners.

District On-Site Learning Opportunities and Support Services Plan

The District’s free on-site, online learning and support services plan is to be implemented whenever the District is utilizing a contingency plan. A contingency plan is in effect when the District/Governing Board has made the decision based on public health criteria and/or other relevant data, to implement the Distance Learning plan for both in-person and blended learning students.

The District’s Distance Learning Plan, approved by ADE, describes the details of how the District will implement distance learning. The plan was submitted to the Arizona Department of Education and posted to the District’s website prior to August 17, 2020. The District’s On-Site Learning Opportunities and Support Plan is required to be posted on the District website prior to August 17, 2020.


On-Site Learning Opportunities (August 17, 2020)

Programs will be offered in-person at the school campus during the school’s normal hours and will include teacher-led instruction. Each class will adhere to the District’s safety and mitigation measures and will maintain appropriate physical distancing.

On-Site Student Supervision and Support for Non-self-Contained Students:

On-site learning opportunities and on-site support services means targeted support services offered directly to students when the school is not open for in-person instruction. The District will provide on-site opportunities for students to receive supervision from Educational Support Staff while attending distance-learning classes.

The following is a description of what on-site supervision support will entail at each site:

On-site student supervision for a limited number of students will be provided at sites throughout the District, based on each school site’s physical and staffing capacity during normal school hours. 

While students are on-site for supervision, they will be placed in an assigned classroom to allow for 6 ft. physical distancing.

Students will stay in their assigned classrooms throughout the entire school day and will not interact with other classes/grades to reduce exposure.

Each on-site class will be supervised by an educational support staff who will not be providing direct instruction to students, but merely supervising while students are each receiving their online instruction with their assigned classroom teacher.

Students will follow the grade level/class distance-learning schedule for instruction and breaks, and the distance-learning teacher will take attendance.

Breakfast and lunch will be available for free/reduced and full pay students.

The mitigation plan for on-site learning and support will include all safety measures shared on the District website at www.pineesd.org

School offices will be open during regular school hours during this time and administration or designee will be on campus.

NO Before and after school care will be available for the On-Site Learning programs.

Capacity, Priority and Available School Site for On-Site Learning

The physical and staffing capacity at school will be reviewed throughout the quarter to ensure that the number of students present for free on-site support services does not exceed the maximum number of students who can be present in a facility while maintaining appropriate physical distancing, supervision, or other mitigation strategies.

The District will utilize the District standards in identifying the physical capacity of each learning space that would allow for physical distancing of at least 6ft. to determine learning space availability.


*Breakfast and lunch will be available for pick-up from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. daily at every Pine Strawberry Elementary school.

Home of the Buffalos!

Welcome to Pine Strawberry Elementary School District (PSESD) located in the beautiful Rim Country and the ponderosa pines of Central Arizona! PSESD is a continuation of a tradition of excellence in education beginning with the establishment of the Strawberry Schoolhouse in 1884. PSESD continues to provide the children in our district with an outstanding educational experience.

A cornerstone of the District's vision is our commitment to facilitating the development of the whole child by creating an environment in which all students will achieve success, become productive individuals and the development of a positive home/school/community partnership. The partnership is committed to the development and implementation of effective educational programs that provide students with a comprehensive curriculum and education. This commitment has fostered a community and school district that preserves family and small town values. In addition, PSESD has placed a strong emphasis on teaching the fundamentals using innovative teaching strategies and interventions and is always exploring and implementing technologies to facilitate student success.

PSESD remains committed to creating and maintaining a vibrant and strong school system as we face challenging times over the next decade. We will meet the needs of our students and families and preserve the values that have served the District for the past 126 years. We are firm in our belief that all children can meet their potential.We hope you enjoy our website. In the website you will find information about our school and the District. If you have any questions about our District that are not answered on the website, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you find what you're looking for.


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Important Public Notice, April, 2020

Any individual or organization may submit written comments on the proposed waiver pursuant to 34 C.F.R. §200.6(c)(4).
Written comments shall be accepted through April 24, 2020.

Please click on the link at the top of this message for news about end-of-school year testing. Due to the CoVid-19  shutdown of school classrooms, the state has applied for and been granted permission to gather public comments for a waiver of high stakes testing this year (AZM2 and AIMS). You can find more details and give comments to the state following the link above.

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